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Nexus Nine Features

Nexus Nine Interviews

As the name suggests, in this feature we interview the movers and shakers of the Palladium community.

War Machine Profile Magazine

The War Machine is a collection of profiles on the major robots and power armor units of Rifts Earth. The articles showcase the strengths and weaknesses of a specific unit, as well as advice on how to best use them. This project was started by and maintained by Dustin Fireblade.

Anatomy of a Spell

Anatomy of a spell is a in-depth look at a Palladium spell, breaking down it's pros and cons, possible uses, combinations with other spells, and modifications.

Rifts Up Close

The Rifts "Up Close" series looks a look at the weapons, equipment, and armor found on Rifts Earth in North America. These are all canon items, but this series takes an up close and personal look at each of them, listing accessories, black market/3rd party modifications available, likely condition & availability and more. This is a great tool for GMs and Players to add some color to those normally dull stat blocks. Damage stats are not included. Series by Tim Willard.

Quality In Rifts: Remembering Pete Overton

Pete Overton was a valued member of our forums, a long time contributor of Rifts material, and an all-around good person. In 2009, Pete passed away in his home, leaving the world too soon. In tribute, N9 is hosting the work from his website Quality In Rifts, with hopes of perserving his legacy a little longer.

For those unfamiliar, Pete's mission was "More Background. Less Toys." To be a bit more specific, he wrote on his webpage: "Since March 1998, this page has been dedicated to the world of the RIFTS roleplaying game, created by Palladium Books. Unlike many other pages, we have always sought to post original material, written solely by this author or a few others, but material that is not to be found elsewhere. We grew tired with canon RIFTS, tired of the endless toys, broken systems, reprinted material, and the gaping holes left in the setting. We enjoy the basic idea of the setting a great deal, but feel Palladium has not developed it with any consistency or sense. Therefore, most of the material here is devoted to patching those holes, to filling in the background that we don't get from Palladium. You won't find any toys or statistics here, but rather essays and rants, expanded discussion of the setting and a hilarious list of rulebook Inconsistencies. We are dedicated to fleshing out the setting despite Palladium. We don't 'hate RIFTS' but rather in fact like it enough to try and fix it, rather than not being involved in it at all. Instead of simply complaining, we constructively set forth material used to support our view of the game. I hope you enjoy the site!"

Firepower Magazine

Firepower Magazine's From the Line of Fire interviews the pilots who operate these robots and power armor units, reporting first hand experiences. Started and maintained by JohnS.

User Bars

A collection of Nexus Nine and Palladium themed userbars for the forum.

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