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War Machine Profiles

War Machine Profile #5: IAR-5 Hellfire

CS Robot Scout and Light Assault Unit
By Brian Hardwick

Overview: The IAR-5 Hellfire is likely the best designed Robot Vehicle for its intended role the CS has produced. Combining speed, protection and firepower in one package, the Hellfire executes its missions of scouting and striker duties with great effeciency.

Firepower: The Hellfire provides its crew with good firepower. Remember that the Hellfire is not intended to be used in a straight up fight, but to get in quickly, dish out some damage and then back out, softening up a enemy for heavier units. Although its range of weapons is somewhat limited, the two man crew can effectively divide the systems well enough to be used to inflict plenty of damage. Normally I have the pilot operate the plasma gun, while the gunner operates the rail guns and mini-missiles. Either can operate the small anti-personnel lasers mounted on the bottom of the missile launchers as needed.

Armor Protection: The Hellfire's armor protection puts it roughly equal to other North American assault robot vehicles such as the Titan or Hunter, and rivals the Naruni Nomad. Not too bad for a "scout."

Speed: With a 120 MPH top speed, the Hellfire ranks as a speed demon among robot vehicles, with only a handful of other designs matching or exceeding it.

Deployment: The Hellfire has seen wide spread deployment, as it is capable in a variety of terrain's. Like most CS designs, the Hellfire is especially capable in urban terrain. It's speed and jumping capability, along with its firepower and protection, and the ability to rotate its upper torso 360 degrees gives it a decided edge in urban fighting.

Upgrades: The Hellfire's legs, like any other two-legged robot vehicle, are vulnerable. Any armor upgrade to them would be especially welcome. Other possibilites include adding grenade launchers to keep sappers off its legs and to clear out built-up area's. Upgrading the small lasers with pulse technology and giving them the Response Computer System for automated defense would ease the workload and concerns of the crew.

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