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War Machine Profiles

War Machine Profile #6: NG-V7 Hunter

Mobile Gun Assault Robot
By Brian Hardwick

Overview: The Hunter is one of the oldest designs in the Rifts game, first introduced in Sourcebook One back in 1991. It is likely that Northern Gun has been producing it for decades. And while it may look odd to some folks, the design has long been a fan favorite. Despite its ability and popularity, the Hunter is showing its age, with new designs from the Coalition States, the Native Americans and Titan Robotics all out performing the Hunter.

Firepower: The Hunter’s primary firepower comes from its big Howitzer Rail Gun. This gun offers range superior to many other rail guns, as well as the ability to perform a double shot. This double shot greatly improves the damage capability of the Howitzer at the cost of increased ammo expenditure. However, the Hunter carries a huge payload of ammunition--more than enough for a assault. As good as the Howitzer Rail Gun is, its purpose is to destroy armor and aircraft. To deal with infantry, the Hunter carries dual mini-missile launchers, one mounted on each arm. Yet the Hunter only carries 18 total mini-missiles, enough for self-defense purposes but not enough for taking out a full infantry assault. Helping the mini-missile’s is a single laser, mounted in the lower torso. While the laser itself does decent damage, its usefulness is limited by the fact it can only rotate up and down.

Armor Protection: The armor protection of the Hunter provides it with just enough to survive an assault, provided of course the Hunter is properly supported. Otherwise, defenders will be free to concentrate on the Hunter’s weak spots, Most notably its upper arms and legs.

Speed: The Hunter’s top speed of 70 mph serves it well in an assault mode, keeping up with faster moving units and able to respond to enemy movements.

Deployment: The Hunter has been around for so long and produced in such numbers that nearly all non-CS kingdoms and nations in North America have one. Large mercenary units are also likely to use the Hunter.

Upgrades: Surprisingly, there have not been too many variations of the Hunter. Despite its age, these are generally the result of battle damage. Some individuals have purchased the NG-1001 Rail Rifle to augment its firepower.

Northern Gun has recently offered owners a upgrade package dubbed the ‘Super Hunter’ that provides increased capabilities. See the Northern Gun Netbook for details.

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