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War Machine Profiles

War Machine Profile #7: NG-M56 Multi-Bot

By Brian Hardwick

Overview: This is one of those rare designs where the fluff content matches the robot’s abilities perfectly. The Multi-Bot is not designed for front line combat, but rather more of an exploration robot with just enough self defense ability. Despite this, the design has been pushed into combat far more than intended. Smart users will keep the design as far from a combat zone as much as possible however. As a exploration robot, the design performs reasonably well with adequate storage space on the inside for gear. Hard to reach area’s can be attained by the detachment of the upper body with its flight capabilities.

Firepower: The Multi-Bot's strength comes in its medium range missiles. The Scissor Launchers are an innovative design, and it has been duplicated on a smaller scale for the NG-X13 Samson Missileman. Additional firepower comes from its shoulder mini-missiles. The Multi-Bot carries 18 total missiles for these launcher’s, enough for self-defense purposes. The Multi-Bot’s Ion Cannon offer’s good damage and excellent range, matching that of many rail guns. Like the Hunter’s NG-330 Heavy Laser, the Ion Cannon is mounted in a fixed forward position, giving it a narrow field of fire.

Armor Protection: The Multi-Bot has a fairly light armor package, enough to protect it from small arms fire, but unable to withstand a heavy assault.

Speed: The Multi-Bot offers enough speed for its intended role of a exploration or a labor robot, but not really enough for a fluid combat situation. The detachable upper body’s flight ability offer’s users the ability to escape a bad situation or to leave the lower body at a base camp and to scout the area ahead.

Deployment: As stated in Sourcebook One, the Multi-Bot has not been widely accepted by the inhabitants of North America.

Upgrades: Since the design is not in wide spread use, little variation has been seen. One possibility could be to convert the Multi-Bot into a Command and Control robot with improved sensors and communications, as well as a small command staff to oversee a company of robot vehicles for example. This would allow the staff the same mobility as the warriors under the command and can provide limited fire support with its missiles.

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