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The Netbooks section contains quality new material written by the members of our forum community. The scope is much larger than what you would find in our Articles section, and the works often reflect the collaborative nature of the website.

Northern Gun Netbook
Northern Gun Netbook [HTML] A netbook describing the corporate nation in Ishpeming. Includes history of the region, city info on Ishpeming and the surrounding towns, details on the corporate structure, breakdown of the armed forces, and a cache of new toys (including weapons, equipment, power armor, cyborgs, robots and vehicles). Written by Brian Hardwick, John Stevens and Eric M. Stitzman, with additional text and concepts by Phillip D. Humphrey, Mat Krepicz, Jason Marker, Ian Schroen, Mark Temple, and Daryl Wojtowicz.

Psionics Unlimited
Psionics Unlimited Netbook [PDF] A netbook of new psionic technologies, new PCCs, and over 90 new Psionic powers! Compiled by Gadrin.

Systems Failure Netbook
Systems Failure Netbook [Doc] A netbook of new O.C.C.s, new skills, new Organitech weapons and equipment, new bugs, and a revised timeline. Written by Mike Taylor.

The Court of Tarot Errata
Court of Tarot Errata Netbook [PDF] A netbook for Beyond the Supernatural; this is a supplement to the Rifter 45 article The Court of Tarot. It contains new occupations, classes, spells, monsters, locations, and NPCs. Written by Scott Zaboem.

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