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Northern Gun Netbook

Nexus Nine Presents...

Netbook: Northern Gun

Written by: Brian Hardwick
John Stevens
Eric M. Stitzman
Additional Text & Concepts: Phillip D. Humphrey
Mat Krepicz
Jason Marker
Ian Schroen
Mark Temple
Daryl Wojtowicz
Editors: Ian Schroen
Eric M. Stitzman
Interior Artists: Niklas Jansson
Brian Manning
Eric M. Stitzman
Maps: Ian Schroen
Eric M. Stitzman

Based on the RPG rules, text, characters, concepts and Megaverse® created by Kevin Siembieda.

Palladium Books On-Line: www.palladiumbooks.com

Art of Niklas Jansson: www.itchstudios.com/psg

Art of Brian Manning: www.brian-manning.com

Special Thanks to Alzandrion, eric.cline, Gadrin, Hiddenone, Navrin, PiglickJF, Scott Sylvester, Wolfe, and all of the members at Nexus Nine.


Welcome to the Northern Gun Netbook!

Before anything else is said, thanks are in order. First of all, let us take this opportunity to thank Kevin Siembieda and Palladium Books, as well as all of its freelance authors, for bringing us the phenomenon that has become Rifts®! As fans, we have read the various World Books and sourcebooks that describe Rifts® Earth with different degrees of interest. Some of us have purchased the books for the new toys or for the new O.C.C.'s and R.C.C.'s, but one factor that has always been a common desire amongst the fans is the need for world information. We want to know more about the powers-that-be: the movers and shakers of the world! We want to know more about what our own backyards look like in the world of Rifts® Earth! We want to know who is behind the corporations that provide us with the means to adventure and survive, to level the playing field against those who can wield the awesome power of magic.

Without a doubt, there are those of us who simply couldn't wait for the information that we needed, and hence, have created our own. This brings us to the Northern Gun Netbook. Northern Gun has been a continental power in the world of Rifts® for decades. Not through their military muscle, although they are certainly capable of fielding an army, nor through their humanitarian beliefs. They haven't invaded other communities, except by the means of their widespread distribution of products, nor have they discriminated against their non-human neighbors. Northern Gun has maintained its position because they have been the single largest producer of both military equipment and essential items that range from creature comforts to weapons to tools.

But who is the driving force behind Northern Gun? What is the city of Ishpeming, home of Northern Gun, like? What about their armed forces?

At Nexus Nine, we have endeavored to answer these questions. This is not canon material. Palladium may very well publish their own Northern Gun book eventually, rendering all of our hard work moot. However, we have created this Netbook to fill the time between now and then. Rather than focus on the expected arsenal of weapons and equipment, we have tried to look behind the facade of the largest post-Rifts corporation in North America. There is an ugly side to Northern Gun that blends in with the smoke belching factories of Ishpeming, just as it's more amicable sales side shines in their showrooms.

Rest assured that if you want it, Northern Gun probably has it, but you had better be good for it…or else.

– Eric M. Stitzman, 2006

Required Books for a NG Setting

No Northern Gun Setting would be complete without the expansive NG Catalog. That Catalog is spread out amongst a number of quality Rifts® Books. Thus, for all of the various weapons, equipment and canon history, Nexus Nine recommends the following books when running a NG game:

Netbook Contents

The History of Northern Gun
Ishpeming Geography
The City of Ishpeming
  Ishpeming City Government
  Ishpeming City Highlights
The Towns of Ishpeming
  Big Bay
  Cedar River
  Eagle Harbor
  New Marquette
Northern Gun
  NG Divisions
  Recovery, Advancement & Innovation Division (RAID)
  Settlement for Those Indebted to Northern Gun (STING)
  Dealer Distribution
  Foreign Relations
Ishpeming Defense Force (IDF)
  Ishpeming City Garrison
  Military Asset Protection & Security (MAPS)
  Ishpeming Naval Defense Force
  Northern Gun Air Corps
  1st Michigan Airborne Regiment
  IDF Soldier O.C.C.
The Iron Wall
  Iron Mountain
  Iron River
New Product Line
  Equipment & Body Armor
  Power Armor
  Robots & Vehicles
  IHA Treaty

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