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Meet The Staff


Third Eye Opener
Alzandrion is a name that has traversed countless RPG's. In 1989, the beginning of his dimensional wanderlust, Alzandrion Thorus Mozenthall was born in the mind of a mortal, upon papyrus on a dimly lit oaken desk, and finally into the womb of a fair maiden in the Forgotten Realms. Since then, this magically adept character has journeyed through the universes of White Wolf, Palladium, and even made an appearance in Ultima Online as a renowned real estate mogul of unfathomable wealth. Alzandrion currently resides in the world of Rifts Earth where, Old One's permitting; he shall remain to abolish the many supernatural evils there. Alzandrion's focus has always been on magic, yet it does not take precedence over his scholarly abilities, nor his will to help others.

Dustin Fireblade

Military Mastermind
Dustin has been a gamer since 1985 and has played in a number of different systems. Rifts is by far his favorite setting, and he has a number of projects within that setting.

Dustin served briefly in the US Army Military Police Corps and has since made for himself a highly successful career in the private security industry. When not writing or working, Dustin enjoys playing paintball, hiking and spending time with his two sons.

The Lord of Bones

All Powerful Necromancer and Netbook Writer
Thanks to the willingness of an older sibling to indulge him in all things deemed evil by society, The Lord of Bones cut his teeth on Black Sabbath and the early incarnations of D&D. With the wonder of rpg's open to him, he traversed life ever in search of like-minded friends to explore those worlds with. Countless rpg worlds in every system have been shaken by the depredations of his group, with Rifts Earth being the most difficult to master.

LOB has proudly served in the USMC and currently makes a living as a skilled tradesman in the manufacturing industry when he isn't hunting down old returnable cans and bottles at car washes and parks to finance his next world conquering plot. Otherwise he spends his time at movies or in the Michigan outdoors with his tribe of children in his alter-ego as a mere mortal Dad.

Rogue Shadow

Seriously Vagrant Shade
Rogue Shadow's interest in gaming started back in fifth grade when he played in a friend's homebrewed World War III game as a "heroic" Munitions Driver that shot everything that moved. Two years later he found an old copy of the Dragonlance module DL8, and the poster size fold out map of the Tower of the High Clerist set him on a path that he was destined never to leave.

Twenty years later he is still an avid gamer who has played and collects a variety of Role Playing games, but most enjoys his Palladium collection. He is also a crazy map fanatic, retentive book collector and part time writer; and though he hasn't yet been published, he is busily working toward that goal, hoping to attain it in the near future.


Artist, Writer, GM
Like most gamers, Snippersly got his first taste of an RPG from the Dragonlance RPG way back in 1986. After a few sessions and a move by his family, he ended up making new friends and got involved playing the original Marvel Super Heroes. One game led to another and he ended up sampling GURPS, Twilight 2000, and even Star Wars by West End Games.

By 1989, his group picked up a copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Palladium and began campaign after campaign of furry mutants fighting to take over the world. It was about this time when the show was popular on TV. Snippersly's other favorite show prior to that was Robotech. When they found out Palladium had a Robotech RPG, they dropped ninja turtles and took off into space. Between himself and three friends, they ran a Robotech campaign for nearly four years throughout high school and into college spanning Macross all the way to Sentinels.

While in his sophomore year, Palladium released Rifts. His group picked up the book and used it primarily as a supplement to our Robotech game, but the more we read it, the more we got into the setting and Rifts took over-the rest, you could say, is history. Snippersly have been a loyal Palladium fan since.

Snippersly's love for writing led him into the world of Play By Email, where he currently runs and plays in several games. He also hosts writing contests here at Nexus Nine.


Tenchuu has done several web pages over the past five years and worked on several Rifts projects, none of which he particularly wants to point out however. He has been interested in Rifts for six years, and he was published in 2004.

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